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Ek Gaganabhedi Kinchali

a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"A loud scream is heard in the chawl that Anandrao and Ushatai live in with their family. Since the chawls have virtually no privacy, a huge crowd gath..."

Ek Shoonya Teen

a play by Sudeep Modak

"This is a story revolving around four interesting people and their curiously exciting worlds. At the centre of it is Harshada who mysteriously disappe..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A short satirical political spoof about what it would take to end the Cuban Crisis to suit American wishes...."


a play by Satchit Puranik

"Language no bar since the performance is about quintessential Indian students in an English medium school. Age no bar, as four performers from the age..."

Evam Indrajit

a play by Badal Sircar

"'Evam Indrajit' is a tale of a playwright who struggles painfully in vain to write a play. As he, furiously tears up his manuscripts, his inspiration ..."

Evening Shadows

a play by Vijay Padaki

"Evening Shadows is an original English language adaptation of Sandhya Chhaya by the Marathi playwright Jaywant Dalvi. The loneliness of an elderly cou..."

Every Inch Upstream

a play by Deepika Arwind

"Stasimotita (Greek for stagnation) thrives on a pile of unchanging realities - nothing ever moves here. Except, of course, until Alternavia, an agel..."

Face to Face

a play by Neeraja M R

"Face to face (Nerkku Ner) is a play set in Northern Kerala, home to the ritual form of worship, Theyyam – in which the performer transcends reality to..."

Family Albums

a play by Vijay Padaki

"The story of Lakshmi is based on an actual case of a woman who was sucked into the vortex of a self-fulfilling prophecy, ending in institutionalized p..."

Feeding Crows

a play by Meher Pestonji

"A young Parsi couple move into a posh neighbourhood. Their faithful old maid can't fit into their new lifestyle. This causes clashes with neighbours. ..."

Final Curtain

a play by Chetan Shah

"Maya and Satyadev – characters in dramatist AK’s play – come to life to urge the writer to change the ending of his play. The ensuing dialogue explore..."

Finding Ananda

a play by Vijay Padaki

"The play has a contemporary setting, seeking the relevance of Vivekananda’s life and work in today’s world. It is an attempt to introduce today’s yout..."


a play by Shreekumar Varma

"This is the story of politicians and fixers including a king-maker. Iqbal is listless because his wife Sarada is minister but he himself is powerless ..."


a play by Vijay Padaki

"A renowned writer receives a prestigious international award for a path-breaking novel. It is about a group of intellectuals working on a top secret p..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A Feydeau-like farce to be performed in slap-stick style about a beautiful women and her many international admirers...."


a play by Abhimanyu Acharya

"An adaptation of Brad Birch's famous one-man show 'Gardening for the unfulfilled and the alienated', this play is a story of a man who has given up on..."

Gallantly Fought The Queen

a play by V Balakrishnan

"It is a One-Person play about Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi. It chronicles her life as a queen, a widow, a mother, and a woman who seeks to free her king..."


a play by Ranganath Shivamogga

"Death. Death is one of the most important themes in “The Wall.” When he is sentenced to death, Pablo looks at life in a completely new way. The people..."