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Amma, what is black pepper in Malayalam?

a play by Nayantara Nayar

"A cook tries to teach an audience how to make stew in Malayalam, the language she is forgetting. ..."


a play by Satchit Puranik

"Ammi Jaan is a monologue of a woman without a name. She can be called Amina or Zahida or anything, for that matter. But she is known to everyone in Ta..."


a play by V Balakrishnan

"Amrapali is the tale of a courtesan's journey from being the state's bride to relinquishing all worldly possessions to become a disciple of Buddha. Th..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A fanciful comedy about a ‘Public School’ for the grown-up children of nawabs and rajahs a century ago...."


a play by Shivam Panchbhai

""Andacell is basically a punishment given to a criminal who has committed an unbearable and heinous crime. Also, a prisoner with an aggressive nature,..."

Anecdotes and Allegories by Gulbadan Beg

a play by Anurupa Roy and Choiti Ghosh

"When Gulbadan Begum was in her sixties her nephew asked her to write ‘all that she knew’. So she did. And wrote everything she remembered from..."


a play by Vijay Padaki

"Arrowheads is an early play. It began as notes from a discussion (in a theatre group exercise) on the increasing rate of divorce in urban India, and t..."


a play by V Balakrishnan

"Arundhati, written as a tribute to Girish Karnad, picks up from the narrative of Swarnalatha in the play Yayati, and investigates the life of two newl..."

Ashes to Ashes

a play by Harold Pinter

"Ashes to Ashes is largely plot free which is common for Pinter's plays. It is easier to track in blocks relating to Rebecca's consecutive memories tha..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A play based on original historical research about an almost-forgotten battle in India in 1803, when Major-General Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of..."

Astitva / अस्तित्व

a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"A very sweet interaction between a father and son in a household turns extremely absurd after the father starts giving his son instructions as to what..."

Bail Melay

a play by Yugandhar Deshpande

"A couple from small town, living in a city like Bombay wants to be 'modern'. They want to get rid of the traditional living and the life style. It's t..."


a play by Satyabrata Rout

"Inspired by the revolutionary poems of Sachi Routray, “Baji” portrays the bravery and velour of a young boatman boy of Odisha, who became a martyr..."


a play by Divya Jagdale

"A young woman tries to find her own voice while existing between modern and traditional values. She struggles to understand whether she should listen ..."

Beediyolagondu Maneya Maadi

a play by Surendranath S & Sripathi Manjanabail

"Beediyolagondu Maneya Maadi' in a satirical and a humorous vein comments on the degenerating nature of religious festivals and disproves traditional d..."

Being Sartak Majumdar

a play by Karan Shetty

"Being Sartak Majudmar is a representation of how mainstream media, cinema, Television and the internet have quietly seeped into our daily lives and st..."

Belle Curv

a play by Chetan Shah

"Set in the world of cricket, the play explores the once rampant contagion of match-fixing and the steps taken to curb it. RAHUL is a whiz kid who has ..."


a play by Kaustubh Naik

"The play is based on the famous Bhawalpur Sanyasi Case that caught people's attention in colonial Bengal at the fag end of British rule in India. Sift..."