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Bhool Bhulaiya (A Comedy of Errors)

a play by Dr. Rangeya Raghav

"This is a translation of William Shakespeare's play 'A Comedy of Errors'. After both being separated from their twins in a shipwreck, Antipholus and h..."


a play by Shilpa Kamble

"'Biryani' is a socio-political drama around the lives of two women, Sakina a Muslim widow, and Kurmuri a low-caste, low class-deserted woman. Young Ku..."

Bishoyta Chintar

a play by Sibaji Gupta

"An adaptation of Mary Chase's 1944 play, Harvey, 'Bishoyta Chintar' is a take on what constitutes 'Normal' human behavior. Chintamani helps everyone o..."


a play by Sarah Kane

"In the mid-1990s, in an expensive hotel room in Leeds, a middle-aged man seduces a young woman. When she resists, he rapes her. At the same time this ..."

Blue is the Colour I Cry

a play by Nisha Abdulla

""There is a story the lands tell. Of a king who was so full of fear and ambition that he killed his own children... he stomped on them with his feet, ..."

Bollywood Bandwagon

a play by Anurupa Roy and Choiti Ghosh

"‘Kya Jeena Bin Tere’ (No life without you): The biggest blockbuster of the year! Starring Bollywood’s brightest stars seen on the same screen fo..."

Bombay Dying

a play by Akarsh Khurana & Hussain Dalal

"In Dadar East, home to the erstwhile Bombay Dyeing mill, three stories involving seemingly unrelated characters interweave. Stories of people from dif..."

Bombay! Bosnia!

a play by Avijit Dutt

"The play documents 6 Jan, during the Bombay riots. It’s a journey from futile helplessness to hope? It’s not the popular anger of peoples, but a m..."

Bone of Contention in Cosmopolitan CHS

a play by Faezeh Jalali

"While wanting to adhere to tradition and religious systems the residents of Cosmopolitan Cooperative Housing Society reveal their deep down prejudices..."

Bow of Rama

a play by Shreekumar Varma

"There is political turmoil in a small Kerala village where Panchayat elections are due. Both candidates fight in the name of a deceased icon. Their fa..."

Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

a play by Satyadev Dubey

"This play goes on to depict Narad's vengeance as a result of the curse that was cast upon him by goddess Lakshmi. Infamous for his enticing diplomacy,..."

Breaking News

a play by Avijit Dutt

"Balwaan, the MP is brought to his constituency by Reality TV. He has to exist for 7 days without money, security or pelf. He cannot possibly do this, ..."

Brown Study

a play by John Mathew

"This satirical play examines the possibility of employing human faeces as a patentable product by a U.S. based multinational company, with a particula..."

Buddhibal Ani Zabbu

a play by Champra Deshpande

"A story about two young couples - Mr. Thakur-Nayantara and Jagdeep-Sandhya - where Jagdeep and Nayantara happen to be college friends. Nayantara and J..."

Bus / बस

a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"A young man and a young woman yearning for some sort of comfort, a middle aged man trying to kill himself, a middle aged pair of people building a rom..."

Butter and Mashed Bananas

a play by Ajay Krishnan

"A right-wing fanatic and a left-wing activist mistake each other for political colleagues and accidentally end up in bed together. The young child bor..."

Cannught Place

a play by Chandan Kumar

"This drama is about two young boys and girls and their modern life. A play is an idea about where his dark thoughts and desire to live life leads him..."

Cast Party

a play by Shreekumar Varma

"The play begins with a play within. A shabby house where the daughter is a newly minted policewoman and the father an abusive drunkard. After a war of..."