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Inner Laws

a play by Poile Sengupta

"Laavanya, new in town and new to marriage, meets four other young ladies who give her membership to the DIL Club, the club for daughters-in-law. There..."

Internal Affairs

a play by Adhir Bhat and Bobby Nagra

"When Sid starts a new job, he doesn't expect that after-work drinks will lead to a drunken and clumsy one-night stand with his new workmate Rhea. But ..."

Invisible Wound (Translation of 'Moogetu

a play by Ravikiran Rajendran

"In a Savarna world, how do Dalit women live is a question that is perhaps too ambitious to be addressed in a play. 'Live' is also a word that is packe..."

Irani Cafe

a play by Shiv Subrahmanyam

"Welcome to Hormuzd’s Eating Joint and Beer Bar that has launched many avatars of love. A very fluid play with a freewheeling form, which enables it ..."


a play by Sathwik

"In a small coastal village in Southern Karnataka, there comes a news one evening that there will be a Tsunami hitting in a few hours. Everyone is aske..."


a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"In this political play, Sarkar struggles to find answers to many questions; some his own and some his people’s. His confidant, Prati, initially trie..."


a play by Annie Zaidi

"Gopal, a young police constable, returns to his village, Mohagaon. However, he is not home on leave. The river Mari was being dammed up to generate p..."

Jeeva Jala

a play by Sathwik & Shodhan Basrur

"Developed in collaboration with children from Buguri Library, Bengaluru, the play addresses the lack of basic infrastructure in communities where wast..."

Jeeyan de Hamann lla!

a play by Rahul Rai

"The play explores the age-old tussle between people and the state. At stake? A natural resource that functions as dividing line and fulcrum - between ..."


a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"A writer and his wife invite the actors from his new play over to their house for a nice couples’ date. What starts off as fun and games turns into ..."

Jump Start

a play by Adhir Bhat and Bobby Nagra

"A television star shamed by a sex scandal tries to jump off a building. Before he can take the plunge, two young kids land up on the terrace to commit..."

Just like that

a play by Sayali Tamane

"A housewife and a stranger, forced to seek shelter in a dilapidated theatre enter into casual conversation only to bring out the familial issues troub..."

Kaala Yug

a play by Akshay Raheja

"जिस रात मिचलिस का अस्पताल में दाखिला होना होता है, उसकी मा..."


a play by Adhir Bhat

"Delhi, the National Capital, records one out of four crimes in the country. Abductions, rapes and robberies are rampant. It is a well-known fact that ..."


a play by Rahul Rai

"This Kebab is juicy with greed, corruption and capitalism. While settling the MRP of this kebab, Sakina's husband and her son are murdered. Abidah, Sa..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A SHORT PLAY about the tensions and the politics of power that rise almost daily in a household between mother and daughter, grandmother and daughter-..."

Kepler Dreams

a play by Kamla K Kapur

"As the play opens, Harold, a playwright and actor, is preparing to kill himself on the stage. He is stopped from pulling the trigger by the entry of a..."


a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"A trio of clowns entertains the crowd for a good while before pointing towards a big rock on stage. They keep talking about how delicious the food the..."