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This is a place for writers, readers, listeners, speakers. We play these roles at different times in our lives, and so we hope in this space.


The Reader’s Club is a community of people we will look to for not just presence and participation, but purpose and priority. What do we do next? Which play do we read? Should we host a workshop? Can we have collections? A little curation? 


As a member of the Club, we want you to feel like you can call this little space of the Library your own. 


To start you off on the journey, take a look at the events we have in store for you.

Readings, conversations, podcasts, irate ramblings, it’s all here at TDL Reader’s Club. 

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TDL Readings 

No drama. Just Readings. 

Let's read a play together!

TDL Watch Party

Bollywood Bandwagon

by Anurupa Roy and Choiti Ghosh



Date: 26 November, 2022 | Saturday

Time: 4 pm - 6.30 pm

Platform: Zoom (Online) 


About the play: 


A play!

With puppets!

A play with puppets and with a film!

A Bollywood film!

And the BTS of a Bollywood film!

Inside a play!

With puppets!


‘Kya Jeena Bin Tere’ is the biggest blockbuster of the year! Starring Bollywood’s brightest stars seen on the same screen for the first time in the history of the Hindi Film Industry! 


‘Bollywood Bandwagon’ stands on the edge of a film set watching the goings-on WITHOUT any colored glasses! But being a true-blue voyeur, the play gradually makes its way into the more intimate spaces of the industry - some secret, some forgotten, and some taken for granted. The further inside it goes, the farther away it gets from the shiny veneer; Until the magical becomes mundane and the people inside look the same as the ones outside.


However, the real magic of Bollywood is that it is everywhere and it is indomitable. It doesn’t let anyone, including the audience-voyeur, off its wagon. And though you are allowed to either love it or hate it, you are never allowed to ignore it.


Access the full play here.


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TDL Conversations

No drama. Just Readings. 

Let's read a play together!

'Puppets in Parody'

with Anurupa Roy and Choiti Ghosh


Date: 26 November, 2022 | Saturday

Time: 4 pm - 6.30 pm IST

Platform: Zoom (Online)


What makes puppetry as a form blend so seamlessly with the genre of parody, and how do they come together to expose the fallibility of the Hindi film industry? Find out in our conversation with Anurupa Roy and Choiti Ghosh, the creators of ‘Bollywood Bandwagon’ — a play about the glittering Bollywood industry AND it’s grimy underbelly — all performed as a parody using puppetry. 


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About the playwrights: 


Anurupa Roy is a puppeteer, puppet theatre director and puppet designer. She is the Founder and Managing Trustee of The Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust, a puppet theatre group based in Delhi, India since 1998.


She has a Diploma in Puppet theatre from DI (Dramatiska Institutet for Film, T.V , Drama and Radio) at The University of Stockholm, Sweden and has been trained in traditional glove puppetry, from La Scoula Della Guaratelle (School of Traditional Glove puppetry) in Naples, Italy under Bruno Leone in 2002.


Anurupa uses puppets to create visual narratives, works with communities using puppets to represent their own stories – including in conflict zones such as Kashmir. She is committed to the training of a future generation of professional puppeteers and facilitates regular workshops, organises masterclasess and in 2018 co-founded the Foundation Program the first professional puppet training program in India, under the aegis of UNIMA, the puppeteers union.


Choiti Ghosh is an Object Theatre artist, puppeteer, actor, singer, writer and artistic director of Mumbai-Delhi based object theatre company — Tram Arts Trust. Born into a family of theatre artists, she was initiated onto stage at a young age. 


She began her professional career in theatre in 1998. In 2010, following a brief professional workshop in Object Theatre under the Belgian Object Theatre artiste Agnés Limbos at the Institut International de la Marionnette (IIM), in Charleville Mezieres, France, Choiti has since dedicated her entire time to the practice and dissemination of Object Theatre in India.


Her artistic practice includes workshops with children and young people; workshops with teachers, and adults who work with children; training programmes for theatre artists and other arts based professionals; marginalised children and youth.


Past Editions

In our fourth edition of TDL Reader's Club Conversations, we hear from The Mountain of Bones writer Manjima Chatterjee about becoming an accidental writer, writing about hunger, engaging with questions of belonging and ownership and weaving stories and characters that belong to a time and place unfamiliar to her.

Listen to Manjima's 20-minute lead-in on SoundCloud and watch the entire conversation on YouTube.

In our third edition of the TDL Readers Club Conversations, we hear from "Mahua" writer Akash Mohimen about his journey of bringing the story and struggles of Advasi communities of Bihabund Orissa against intense militarization, land grab and deforestation in the name of development, and and the end of the day, what it means to tell a human story. 

Listen to Akash's 20-minute lead-in on SoundCloud and watch the entire conversation on YouTube.

In July, TDL Reader's Club read Deepika Arwind's 'The Playwright is Dead', followed by a riveting conversation with her. To continue our ruminations of what it means to write characters from experience and imagination, Deepika Arwind shared her cents on her experience of writing the play 'The Playwright Is Dead' which turns the lens inwards on her own life and outwards on the idiosyncratic world of the theatre, where she is at once at home and outside. 

Listen to Deepika's 20-minute lead-in on SoundCloud and watch the entire conversation on YouTube.

TDL Readers' Club took off with its first event  where we read Neel Chaudhuri's play 'Still And Still Moving', followed by a deeply engaging conversation with him. Neel spoke about the messiness and doubt that accompanies his writing process, and what went into writing a play about queer intimacies across boundaries of age, sexuality and love in the city. 

Listen to Neel's 20-minute lead-in on SoundCloud and watch the entire conversation on YouTube.