JULY 2022


We received this via email a couple of weeks ago. And we had to share it. Even though the writer gets a few things wrong, the piece is so impassioned that we are persuaded to have not only the collected works of Shakespeare in English, but also select translations in Indian languages. 

And we might work on Chekov too. Watch this space.

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Thank you for the first edition of the TDL Reader’s Club newsletter. It made good reading. We can look forward to more issues.


I was glad you decided to publish the letter from Vistasp (Visty) Colabawalla. It served the important purpose of getting us to recognize the reality of alternate perceptions. We may not agree with much of what Visty says. I certainly do not. But there are many like Visty there who are real, but continuing in a world that is unreal. They rely on playing GOD all the time – the Good Old Days. Visty reminded me so much of a character in one of my plays who belonged to the Society of Empire Loyalists. They met regularly in Bangalore Club in the ‘60s and ‘70s over black tie dinners and stood to attention when God Save the Queen was played. I am 83. I find myself slipping into playing GOD now and then. But thanks to so many young people surrounding me in the theatre I am brought back to sanity soon enough. (The Vistys will be quick to point out that I must not begin a sentence with “But”.) I can say without hesitation that I am what I am in the theatre because of the young people with me there.

Playwright Vijay Padaki



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